Monday, February 16, 2009

The New World

Why do I feel so pathetically stranded without the internet? More precisely (and shamefully), a WI-FI connection? After running water, the internet has surely become to modern man something akin to a human right. I didn't feel half this bad when sacrificially handing over my Blackberry after a decade or so of being one of the worst offenders, so why do I feel so bad now?

Anyway, all is not lost: there is a basic little internet place just at the top of the hill and that's where I'm blogging from now. You can't miss it – it has a big sign outside with the words “LAN HOUSE” on it. Cute.

So, now that I've got myself together – and this little blog has a lifeline – a brief round-up (because you'll work out the rest as we go along):

  • The work here among the children is just amazing – a truly loving environment for kids from the most turbulent backgrounds
  • I am woken by the sound of dogs, goats and parrots (in that order)
  • The mosquitoes are so large that they block out the light when flying past a light bulb
  • The spiders are so large I mistook one for a small rodent
  • I have taken to showering in the dark now on the basis that what I cannot see won't hurt me
  • Yesterday I saw a bicycle-drawn horse
I wish I brought more toys with me.


Luigi said...

Hey mate,
3 words for you:
Adapt, Evolve, Survive... although it is not really about survival, but improvement.
Glad to see that you are settling down, and starting to work.
Fashion week in NY is missing you.

Sonya said...

I find it very interesting that parrots are late risers. At least you are maintaining your sense of humor. Keep it up!

Andrina said...

Surely you're far too busy to miss playing with your toys! Joke. Miss you

Jean-Luc said...

Don't feel bad about the bb withdrawal syndrom... just get a daily fix at Lan House and soon enough you'll be clean! LOL

It is gonna be another incredible phenomenological experience! :)

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