Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Unnatural Emotions

When I visit a mall, I usually go to buy clothes or electronic goods. Now, however, I am not in the slightest bit interested in buying anything but HARDWARE.

Seriously, I went the other day with the sole purpose of buying an internet card and what did I come back with? A mosquito swat (natch!), some felt square thingies that go on the bottom of furniture and a dustbin. A dustbin.

How pathetic it is to find the heart racing at the sight of a store full of practical things.


Anonymous said...

I heard about you from Sonya, who is my daughter. About the mosquito, you could help eradicate mosquito from your local area by removing stagnant water in your area. Check foul water in sewer or any other area. As to the swat, the flat surface that swat the mosquito, must have a lot of holes to let the air out. When you strike a mosquito, the quick motion of the swat creates the vortex of air and mosquito escapes with the air flow. You should really have a mosquito net that will give you peace at night more than anything else. And mosquito is active mostly at night. Bye.

Sonya said...

My dad beat me to the punch. Love the blog! Keep it up...you are the Peter Mayle of Sao Paulo.

Luke said...

You are both very kind (and wise) in your comments. The observation vis-a-vis the fly swat is particularly helpful.

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