Saturday, March 7, 2009

Gone fishing...

G's catch of the day

Took the boys fishing out the back of the house. The lake (one of the two which give the area its name - Interlagos) has swelled significantly due to recent rains and we were effectively fishing between goal posts.

I promptly left the water after spotting a water snake swimming by (which was soon after clunked on the head by a helpful stranger).

Who knew that fishing would be so...exciting?


Anonymous said...

am tryinh again....Jean-Luc

Nick said...

Dear Luke, did all those factual gems about the wonders of our serpentine friends pass you completely by? Next time you see a snake, here's what you need to do ...

1. Remind yourself that it won't bite you unless you do something silly like grab it or (worse still) try to clunk it on the head with a stick!
2. Sit and watch it for a bit.
3. Wonder at the grace of its sinuous movement.
4. Remember that God saw that it was 'good'.
5. Slowly get close enough to take a photo.
6. Write a cool poem about it.
7. Post said poem on blog along with photo.
8. Reap an immense sense of artistic pride and manly 'I'm not scared of snakes' feeling.

Your friend, Steve Irwin
(AKA: Nick)

Luke said...

'tis true, my good friend. I had forgotten those useful tips - but now I have been helpfully reminded and my knowledge refreshed!

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