Thursday, March 26, 2009

They poison dogs, don't they?

Seems like even pets aren't immune to the current penchant for death in the neighbourhood.

The neighbour's dog dropped dead outside the front gate on Monday. Later I spotted another dog up the lane being shovelled onto a wheelbarrow. Then the golden labrador opposite the house got terribly sick and was reportedly on its last legs.

It was decided that someone had been putting poison out with food to attract dogs. I mean, why?


Andrina said...

I wasn't going to ask where you dumped the shepherds pie you made...joke i'm sure you are a great cook really!!!

Susanna Metzger said...

Luke, for some reason I can't seem to post comments!

Susanna Metzger said...

but that one worked!

just wanted to let you know, I read all your blogs. often try to comment but sometimes it doesn't let me.

I'm nearly jealous of you- I miss ABBA and the people a LOT right now. Wish I could be there too. how's Sandro? I don't think I knew the other boys. hope all is well, maybe we can skype or chat soon?

Luke said...

Hey Susanna - I am sorry about the posting comments issue. Others have had similar problems...but I'm glad these two came through! All is well here. Every day different and with a new challenge. Thanks so much for your support in reading the blog. I haven't had much time to post recently (you know how crazy it can get). Some bloggers write with such frequency that their entries are the literary equivalent of lighting one cigarette with the dying embers of the last one, but I am happy if I get a few thoughts down once in a while. Let's try and skype soon (dial-up connection permitting!).

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