Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Lunch

For an easy Sunday Lunch I heartily recommend Salin's Bar. Hands down the best rotisserie chicken in Zona Sul (and there is a lot of competition -- there are almost as many fried chicken places here as there are replacement tire shops). The friendly chicken clutching the telephone says it all. It can't wait to be skewered.

And while we're on the subject, I think they should be commended for not using a single exclamation mark in their publicity materials (despite the liberal use of explosive stars). I think they should work on the name though. It's a little...matter of fact. The best name for a fried chicken joint I've seen was in New York -- it was a chain of restaurants called Pluck You. There was a Pluck You on 9th Av just round the corner from my apartment and I remember seeing a Pluck You II in the East Village. I usually despise restaurants with "sequels", but I'll make an exception in this instance because of its sheer classiness.

I digress. Good chicken comes at a cost. Not the R$11 (£3) part. The trick with Salin's is to make sure that you are positioned in line so that the sunlight comes in the window behind the guy who's slicing and dicing your chicken. That way you can see without obstruction the direction of the phlegm discharged when he coughs, thus leaving you to choose which chicken you take home with wisdom and hygiene.

And when the sun doesn't shine? Best not to go.


Adriel .A. said...

SP is amazing! I love SP! Good recommend!

Nice to meet you....


Luke said...

Thank you, Adriel.

It is GREAT to hear from someone equally in love with this place!

Fat Cat said...

I think you are in love with it, despite everything. How magnificent.

PS thank you so much for the book. Could have gotten an autographed version at Hay but was too tight fisted!

Luke said...

My pleasure, FC. I am a tad jealous now that I find out that you were within spitting distance of one of my heroes. I hope you enjoy the book as much as (if not more than) I have.

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