Friday, July 24, 2009


It's good to be home


Sonya said...

What did you put in your bag!!?!? So glad you are getting some R&R.

Luke said...

It felt like a month's supply of rice 'n' beans...

Anonymous said...

Hi Luke,

Sacha here, met you today at B-store, was really nice to meet you. It was really inspiring to meet someone so cool and so passionate about followed his calling. Will be following your blog and praying for your work.


Luke said...

Hey Sacha

What a fantastic surprise!
It was excellent to meet you too. Please do stay in touch (and continue to encourage your colleague to be bold and do something for God!). I will keep you informed as to my comings and goings (email me at

All the very best (and thank you for your prayers!)

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