Tuesday, October 20, 2009

An Intruder

I woke just before five to see Stevie tangled in one of the goal nets outside my window. I sighed and then received a call on my phone. It was Daniel who lives upstairs, warning me not to leave the house.

Moments before, he'd heard a commotion in the grounds. Tango had been barking, but then stopped abruptly and it sounded like someone was beating him (he sleeps beneath my window, so evidently the ear plugs were in a little too tight). When Daniel looked out his window, he saw a large man wearing a mask creeping around the grounds. He said he'd called the police.

By the time I had grabbed my heavy-duty Maglite (we can't afford le creuset in the kitchen), the buzzer went and the police were here. I don't know if I was more shocked by their response time or my willingness to venture outside. In any event, before long they were searching the grounds film noir style - guns poised.

They didn't find anyone. He probably skipped over the back gate. I checked the boys' rooms just in case (I even checked the top bunk of the quadruple bunk bed we have in Phase 1). Nothing.

It now occurs to me that maybe the intruder tied up Stevie deliberately. But I don't like to dwell on these things.


Anonymous said...


OMG, are you ok? Are Stevie and Tango ok? PLEASE take care of yourself!


Sonya said...

Oh my! What a harrowing tale. Please be safe! If it would help I would send you the largest le creuset on the market, but I am not convinced of its effectiveness as an intruder repellant. Do be careful!! I am thinking of you!

Luke said...

Thank you both, my caring ex-colleagues! Stevie and Tango are both ok - we gave Tango a treat (ie a wash) today to make him feel loved.

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