Friday, October 30, 2009


I have so far restrained from encumbering my few (but precious!) readers with practical necessities here at Casa Elohim. Some very kind people have asked me in recent weeks what things are needed, though, and now seems as good a time as any and I thought it may be helpful to set them out out below (and, going forward, in a permanent - hopefully receding - column on the right of the screen):

Large Pyrex cooking dish
Durable plastic plates
Medium size plastic cups
Non-stick frying pan
Shoes (aged 7-15)
Flip-Flops (aged 7-15)
Clothes (aged 7-15)
Trainers/Sneakers (aged 7-15)
School materials
Art materials
Kite materials
Note pads/pens, etc for the office
Matress covers
Cartoon books
Coffee Cups
Salt/pepper and sugar containers

We are entirely dependent on voluntary donations and receive nothing from state or other government organizations here in São Paulo.

That nothwithstanding, I never fail to be amazed by the generosity of family, friends and...complete strangers when it comes to this work. All I can say is... THANK YOU for your continuing support! By the grace of God, you are helping to change these young boys' lives.

We are now entering a new season at the rescue home and are gearing-up for taking in new children from the streets in the new year. It is a crucial time.



Fat Cat said...


We Fat Cats are happy to help, but you have been rather coy in your note above about where to send the cheque - I'm certainly not sending a frying pan or flip flops by Royal Mail, non-stick or otherwise. Short of divine intervention (which I dare say you aren't ruling out) the readies are going to remain in my bank account or be spent on that Canon S90, which looks so tempting in the camera shop. Any ideas?

Luke said...

With the vagaries of British postal services these days, I can't say I blame you. I CAN say a huge THANK YOU, though, Fat Cats!

A cheque can be made payable to
"The Coign Church" clearly marked
"Street Children in São Paulo" and sent to:

The Coign Church
Church Street West, Woking,
Surrey GU21 6DJ

If you'd like your gift to go further, you can always Gift Aid it using this form

I am so pleased you want to help out, FC. I am sure that the S91 will be worthing for... ;)

Fat Cat said...

Got it. Money on its way.


Luke said...

Your generosity is exceeded only by your wealth of character.
Thank you again,

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