Sunday, October 11, 2009

Strange Fruit

My favorite berry has to be the jamelão (left). Very sweet when swollen and fully ripe, but with a subtle sourness that lingers. A bit like these (but in the opposite direction). We have a modest tree in the grounds. The berry to the right is a cereja, which has a taste which I can only describe as akin to eating a flower. Maybe it is a flower, come to think of it.

Editors note: the dead mosquito was not added for scale, it just keeled over in-shot)


Andrina said...

Haha, yes i wondered about the mosquito! Is it a very big one or have you used a massive zoom..i'm trying to figure out the fruit size! Raspberry size? Could be the next gogi berry me thinks, lets dry them and sell them to holland and barrett! Love Ax

Luke said...

At a suitably inflated cost, I assume! ;)

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