Thursday, December 31, 2009

Acampamento das Famílias 2009

Before the year is up I thought I might post a few pictures from the Acampamento we had a few weeks ago. It was great to finally have the opportunity to meet the "missing link" in these children's complex lives. Usually the only family that makes the effort to come to the camp are aunts or uncles, but the kids always have a great time.

the only father who came - but what a great dad!

his three sons

G and his family were there

S' mother, brother and two sisters were there. Three of the four children have been in and out of homes all their lives.

S' two sisters

brothers and arms

Last month I went to church on a tractor with some recovering alcoholics and drugs addicts. This month I enjoyed a Christmas dinner with a room full of children, some of whom are thieves, drug abusers and child prostitutes. But what a privilege it is to work amongst them.

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