Friday, December 4, 2009


Much preparation here for the annual Acampamento das Famílias (when we invite the families of our kids present and past to a weekend camp in the country). This will be my first, and judging by previous years' offerings it promises to be a lot of fun.

I have been assembling a presentation for Saturday evening. It's a collection of my photos, interspersed with individual messages of thanks from each of the boys. I joked with W that he must first (and always) thank his mum, then God, and then The Academy.

He didn't laugh. He didn't even raise his eyebrows. He just left the room. W was abandoned at a very young age by both his mum and his dad.

My insensitivity sometimes exceeds my stupidity.
At times, the two collide.


andrina said...

Luke, I MISS YOU !!!!

Luke said...

I miss you too, Andrina. It was great to see you on the web cam around the table on Christmas Day.

When are you coming to see me?
It's YOUR turn, now... ;)

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