Saturday, March 6, 2010


My clothes are rotting from the damp.
The Nikon is knocked off a wall and the lens cracks.
A smile is left unreciprocated.
W tears one of the new cushions, emptying its contents.
L lets loose a diatribe of insults and profanities to my face.

Today I need reminding that


Sadaf said...

Hey Luke!

Hope all is well. I looked through your accounts on this web diary and I must say, I am very impressed with this change in life!

I really miss you! I have been back in the Garden State (New Jersey) for almost a year and had a baby boy on Boxing Day last year.

Email me on my gmail account.

Take care and if you are ever in NY any time soon, make sure you let me know!



Luke said...

Hey Sadaf

CONGRATULATIONS on the birth of your son! This is wonderful news.

Thanks also for your very kind compliment!

I miss you very much too. I will email you on your gmail, ok?


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