Thursday, March 18, 2010

A melancholy month

Some friends have expressed concern in recent weeks that my postings have seemed somewhat introspective. A little...sombre.

I never intended this blog to be some kind of greatest hits of my experience here in São Paulo. In my teens I started a diary but soon found that I was aggressively self-editing my entries. Looking back on those few pages, my adolescence would appear to be some sort of utopian vision of youth. Good grief.

It has been a difficult month. A very difficult month. With the team and with the children. But God is sovereign in every situation, in every circumstance and by His strength I press on.

the 28kg jumbo pack says it all


Sonya said...

Well, you look good. Those feet are in good shape too! Sending e-hugs!

Luke said...

The colour, but (hopefully) not the consistency of Pé de Moleque...

Anonymous said...

I like your honesty and candor. Don't stop.

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