Thursday, April 8, 2010

Street children

" Street children are not a problem.
I repeat: street children are not a problem.

They are children and young people.

The psychological and physical abuse that forces a child to run away from home: that is a problem.

The sexual abuse of girls by teachers: that is a problem.

HIV and AIDS that kills one or both parents and then sees a little girl trying to raise her brothers and sisters on the street: that is a problem.

And once these children are on the street, what happens? The police abuse them and arbitrarily arrest them. Sexual predators, often from foreign countries, stalk them. Schools close their doors to them. Health services deny them care.

These are indeed a problem: not street children.

You have a unique opportunity to help these children to claim their rights. Sitting together is a key step. But talk and plans are not enough. The must be turned into action.

This is just the beginning. How far you go is entirely up to you. "

Alex Dressler, The Consortium for Street Children


Anonymous said...

this is excellent material.

Luke said...

Yes, the CSC (see is an excellent resource in this field.

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