Monday, May 3, 2010

How's my driving?

The bumpy ride into town threatened to put my spine out of place. The bus stopped abruptly and I lost my grip on the handrail and, consequentially, my footing. Twisting sideways, the comic scene culminated in an uncontrollable lurch backwards, and I landed squarely on the lap of the middle-aged lady sitting in the disabled seat. What followed must have been a delayed reflex action, because my arms shot backwards to cushion the fall and I elbowed her in the face. She started crying. I asked whether she was hurt and apologised profusely. She ignored me and kept on crying. I asked again, by which time some of the other passengers began tittering. There was no blood and no response, just a telenovela-style sobbing. I was mortified by my clumsiness.


Anonymous said...

ow no!!!! That's horrible. I've done things like that sereral times.Brazilian bus drivers are Awful!!! they literally drive me crazy! Renata

Susanna Metzger said...

"telenovela-style sobbing." haha! that's awesome.

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