Monday, May 3, 2010


I have been musing recently on our North American neighbour's tendency to label activities "un-American", by which I think various administrations mean "un-US" (which makes me think what might happen if the United Nations also adopted such verbiage - would an activity be considered un-UN?, but I digress). The habit predates McCarthy's "House Committee on Un-American Activities" and is usually added to Bills to blackmail congressmen into voting for them ("you mean you voted against the Un-American [insert name] Bill? - Traitor!").

South of the equator, we openly borrow much from our northern neighbour, but the trend to adopt wholesale branding disturbs me. So I begin today an infrequent series on "Un-Brazilian" observations.

I start with a popular brand of coffee whose filter box is emblazoned with a very white couple (mother and daughter? neighbours? rich lady and elderly help?) which one just wouldn't see, even in the most southern part of Brazil. The hair, the clothes...I'm not sure about the coffee, but the whole scene has a distinctly Scandinavian whiff about it.

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Sonya said...

Very interesting....this company has a roastery "down the road" from me in New Jersey. Perhaps these ladies are from the Jersey Shore? Looking forward to more of your observations, as always.

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