Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Random Observations #14

A street cleaner extracts a soggy picture of a saint that was floating face-down in the stagnant pond in the park and - seemingly unable to throw it in his trash can - wipes it clean and leaves it in the sun to dry.

Ten minutes later, another street cleaner spots the picture in the sun, inspects it and - again - cannot find it in her heart to throw it away. Might there be divine consequences to such heresy? She eventually affixes the saint to the side of her cart.

I am left wondering what is the worse destiny: to be thrown in the trash and eventually incinerated or to be eternally strapped to the side of a trash can into which the waste of the city is dumped.


Anonymous said...

Surely the worst destiny is to be re-incarnated in plastic, strapped lop-sided and dodgely on top of a Fiat Torino van and paraded once a year from the cemetary where you live into the local village. ma

Luke said...

Ah yes, another (less) fond memory of that same Southern Italian village!

Brownbear said...

You are really very good with a camera. Is there something we can do with that, which would help. Or matter?


Luke said...

Very kind (as always), BB. I endeavour to capture aspects of life here at the rescue house and (in some small way) restore some of the dignity of the kids through my photos. I am working with a cracked Nikkor right now, but so far it hasn't spoilt any of the photos.

A small exhibition (say, in a lobby or cafe) in London to raise awareness/funds might be a great idea. Do you think there's enough material of interest?

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