Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The way things were?

Numerous images have illustrated the rich/poor divide over the years. Most have been doctored, framed or (even) staged in some way to accentuate the obvious. All seem invariably hackneyed.

Jimmy Sime, Eton-Harrow cricket match, 1937

Stuart Franklin, Kenya 1988

Tuca Vieira, Paraisópolis, 2009

The last picture is not photoshopped, not doctored. It was taken about fifteen minutes' drive from the rescue house. This is São Paulo.


Brownbear said...

Now Now, you know the rules - first we generate wealth and then we decide how to distribute it. Just because some people are rich (and possibly not nice either) doesn't mean that they haven't helped the rest of society move forward even if that was not their objective. Poverty is fixed by economic growth, charity makes that growth bearable.

Hope all is well - are you coming to the UK over the summer?

Luke said...

Don't worry, BB. I haven't become a bleeding heart liberal or a looney lefty wanting to redistribute the wealth. Just reporting it the way it is here on the ground. And I agree with your sentiments, BTW.

All the paperwork is in place for the permanent visa, so I'm a happy man. I'll be returning to London tomorrow. Please tell me that you and the Guest Blogger will be around for drinks.

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