Friday, September 24, 2010

The doctor will see you now

Sitting in the waiting room with L. I am reminded of mother at work. Hospital, the most barren of places. And I am not even ill. I have fond memories of mother there (those few times that I visited) when she was in uniform, her official guise. I know what she'd say in this context. I know how she'd act with the upmost compassion. More than at any time before, I am struggling to empathize. Struggling to find a unifying sentiment, a shared emotion, between me and those in my care. I cannot imagine - even for a moment - what it must be like to have no memories of mother. Or just brief, painful ones.

top row, third from the left


Anonymous said...

Aahh...this is one of those occasions in life when I find words do not come easily. I suspect that it is not that you came across the Barts book (what else have you up your sleeve?!) but contemplating the measure of the task in hand.
'Anyone who is among the living has hope-even a live dog is better off than a dead lion!' Ecc.9:4

doug logan said...

Hi Luke

Great to see your BLOG back in ACTION .... love to all the ABBA TEAM from Scotland


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