Sunday, September 19, 2010


"Por l'amor de deus!" my hairdresser exclaimed after giving a long sigh, before turning on her heels and putting the TV out of its misery. She was halfway through my customary #1 (back 'n' sides) and #1.5 (top) and the sigh - and silencing - was due to the silly season here in Brazil. Otherwise known as Election Season.

The television had been streaming back-to-back extremely tedious party political broadcasts all in the form of Chavez-style addresses to the nation (ie a middle-aged white man intoning a string of clearly unattainable promises).

we pledge to...clear up this rubbish? Fat chance.

The most tedious thing about democracies is the participation, or at least in some sense the feeling of being obliged to so participate. Here, voting is obligatory and this means that - despite the citywide ban on advertising hoardings a few years back - all are exposed to the following assault on the eyeballs:

walking along the road this morning

last man grinning standing

vote for 'im or you gets the next one

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Anonymous said...

The man on the ladder needs to be commended for his level eye. He at least understands in part the meaning of 'order' on his national flag.

The man on the poster may be the bringer of 'progress''s hoping!

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