Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Language Learning

"I marshalled the words and opened my mouth, thinking I would hear them. But all I heard was a kind of rattle, unintelligible even to me who knew what was intended."

Samuel Beckett, The Calmative (1946)


wittylane92@aim.com said...

Hey there, it's been awhile. It's good to hear you're back in Sao Paulo, Tim gave me the news. I'm guessing "por-tu-gays" is still proving troublesome? I can pray for that. Also, I'm very impressed with the Beckett quote. That must have been one of the more intelligible things he wrote =P Usually he just sounds something like "A ton of worms in an acre, that is a wonderful thought, a ton of worms, I believe it...." (From an Abandoned Work) =)


Luke said...

I'm glad that Tim has been keeping you up to date, Whitney! It means a lot to me that you remember us here. When are you coming back?! Re: SB, I agree that quote is one of his more inspiring utterances...

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I thought I had responded to you earlier. Forgive me, or if not, blame the computer.
Of course I remember y'all! (I wouldn't normally use the word y'all, but seeing as you aren't a Texan, I felt I ought to represent my state. Probably a pride issue.)
I'm coming back as soon as God says "go". I'm just trusting that the green light will show up at the right time, and trying not to rush of before my parents are ready. Honestly, I can't wait. I was in the airport yesterday headed to Chicago for college nonsense, and as we passed the international terminal I was aching to be on the next plane to Sao Paulo, especially with all that seems to be happening at the moment. Anyway, as it seems I'm beginning a small book, I'll stop talking. I hope things are going well! Hopefully I'll be down there in time for the World Cup at least =)
Colossians 3:23

Luke said...

Whitney, the fact that you are considering this place at all makes my heart glad.

ps are you blogging about college nonsense and other such things? :)

Anonymous said...

Ah, no.
Usually when people ask me that I respond with some pseuo-humble answer like "No one would want to read about silly little me and my life" but I won't lie, I'm just too lazy and pressed for time. Actually, I'm not pressed for time, I just like to think I am. =P
Even when I feel I have something I really need to blog about, I don't. I should, I have a lot that I could share as far as God-doing-awesome-things goes. Maybe I'll start. Most likely I'll procrastinate =)

Luke said...


Anonymous said...

Ha! Quite a vehement response. Alright, I'll think about it.

Luke said...


Don't be put off. Remember what Kafka said about the process of writing - there is no
reason even to leave one's desk, since if one sits there long enough, the world "will writhe before you".

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