Monday, September 13, 2010

Look who came home today

W unexpectedly - but delightfully - returned to the house today. Regular readers will remember his story and recent history with the house. He has been on the street ever since he ran away, but recently became very ill and was admitted to hospital for treatment. From there he was transferred (as is the protocol) to a children's home run by São Paulo state. We know the home well - they call us most weeks to see if we have room for any of their boys.

W is what you might call a complicated child, but he remains a joy to be with.

I don't know how long he'll be with us, but that just makes every moment more special.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back W!!!

Daniel said...

Oi Luke, tudo bom?
É muito legal que W voltou na Casa Elohim.
Meu coração esta feliz.

Luke said...

Tudo bem, obrigado!
e vc?

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