Saturday, October 2, 2010

Home is where you left

There is a painting by one of the boys from 2004 that hangs on the wall in the games room. When I'm not being chased (or chasing someone else) I can't help but stop and stare at it. Occasionally it gets knocked off, moved some place else or simply frisbee'd into the garden, but it always somehow manages - against all odds - to make its way back onto the wall.

It is a child's simple, two-dimensional view of the world. A lone figure - central and isolated - suspended just above the horizon of a sea-like plateau of grass. I guess a psychiatrist might have a field day analysing the thoughts which may (or may not) have gone into its creation, and like all good art, it produces more questions than it does answers. Adult or child? Walking or running? To or from? House or home?


Catherine Dapra Zawierka said...

Luke, I've just flicked thru your past 6 months. I look forward to reading more!

This is a particularly special painting for a child in that the scale is very realistic. The person can actually fit in the door and would be seemingly comfortable in the house. I'd imagine a center hall staircase leading to two bedrooms upstairs with a shared bath :)

I'm a volunteer at a not for profit afterschool arts program here in Brooklyn and I help teach drawing lessons to kids. Many times, their portraits are quite large with an over/under emphasis on "important" or "unimportant" parts. Large head, large eyes, small nose, no neck, big feet, etc. The architectural structure tends to be a similar size to the person. The emphasis here in this piece is its expansive surroundings. Is the child/adult feeling insignificantly small in a large world? Or is it an estate of brilliance in ownership and freedom?

Encourage more from this young artist and continue exploring your own inspirations throughout this journey.


Luke said...

Hey Catherine - having the input of a real artist is invaluable. Thanks for the observations, and encouragement!

I will let you know how our little artists get on, and hopefully share some more on the blog soon.

It's GREAT hearing from you.

as ever,

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