Saturday, October 9, 2010

Violence: update

I can gladly report that there has been a marked decrease in aggression at the house in recent weeks.

I have been replaced!


Anonymous said...

Firstly, very clever.
Secondly, Have you ever read Les Miserables? Because the large picture across the top of your page can't help but remind me of Fantine. In a slightly absurd sense, it is a gorgeous picture.

Luke said...

Hey Whit. You were the subject of Tim and I's conversation as we were cleaning the kitchen last night. Only good things discussed. Promise.

Never seen Les Mis, but I thank you for your comment. The young girl is from the favela - or should I say favelinha (little favela) - at the end of the road. I'll try and post some more pics of the family at some point.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, well you've successfully aroused my curiosity. Besides, no one can legitimately discuss anything and say only "good" things. =)

As far as Les Mis goes, it is most definitely worth reading, watching, or extracting the story by any other means (I vote reading, though).
And it's good to know that there is at least one bright, female presence around all you hooligans, just keep those boy away from her =P Pictures would be awesome if you get around to it, thanks.

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