Thursday, December 9, 2010

Shooting kids

"Photography is the product of complete alienation"
- Marcel Proust


Brownbear said...

Are you sure that is Proust - what does it mean?

Nikon, good choice.

Luke said...

I'm pretty sure it's somewhere in ROTP, but I might be wrong (I usually am).

The D200 has been very faithful to me for about 5 years now. Can't fault it. I see you as a Nikon man (or, rather, bear).

Luke said...

Oh, as regards meaning, my take is that it is a comment regarding the one-sidedness of the photographer. Being banished behind the lense and somehow being isolated/alienated by the dividing lense.

ROTP must be somewhere last on the ol' reading list, no?!

Brownbear said...

I don't think so because then it would be that photography is the cause of complete alienation but he says it's the product (could be a mistranslation of course). That makes no sense unless he saw photographs in the same way that some people see mindless movies - as a product of a distressed society. Alternatively he might have said photographs are the product etc etc - in which case you would be right - ie the actual act of taking the photograph is alienating, which could reflect the technology at the time. Either way it seems a harsh judgment (and wrong).

I've read part 1 of ISOLT (my preferred translation of the title) . He lived in a soundproofed apartment and almost never left it, which is not normal behaviour, even in France.

Regards BB

Luke said...

I thought too about the apparatus of the time. The cloaking. Who knows.

By the bye, did you ever see the film with Malkovitch? I remember seeing it at the Curzon in SoHo and hearing my cousin snoring from the next row.

Brownbear said...

Hello again. I've been in Florence - grey and cold.

No, I haven't seen the film, yet another one for my list, but I quite often see Malkovitch around town - does that count?

Frankenstein about to open at the NT but sold out already I'm afraid although they will probably extend the run if it's a success.

Luke said...

I would boycott.
Only Gene Wilder can do Dr F.

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