Friday, December 10, 2010

Still standing

W swimming with Tango

Only W remains. A and J were returned to their homes last week and L - sadly - decided to jump the wall. More on that later.

For now, my attentions are focused on this one adolescent who is the only one left. And not for the first time. It happened when we reintegrated four children last year, and now it happens once again. It's like some twisted game of musical chairs and he is always the last one standing.

No longer a child. As an adolescent, he doesn't confide much, but one doesn't have to be trained in child psychology to guess what he must be feeling right now. All I can do is give him attention and love so that he knows that there is someone who wants him (even though none - not one member - of his family want to know).


Aline Maira said...

I wanted to comment, but don't know to say, because it's sad and tough.. and that still doesn't get to what I felt reading this post. So, this was read. I am praying for you guys at Abba.

Luke said...

Thanks Aline. That's what we need right now, more than anything else.

Just discovered your blogs. I think I will become a follower!

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