Tuesday, January 18, 2011

São Paulo Street View™

"To the chagrin of intellectuals, people tend to like what Koolhaas refers to as "junkspace"; they ignore their gritty city streets in favour of malls, cloned shopping centres, multiplexes, gated spaces and the roadside sheds of hyper-consumption. It's a soul-destroying conclusion, but perhaps we get the buildings and the cities we deserve."

The Financial Times, 13th December 2010


Anonymous said...

Great photo! It's now my desktop.

Very "gritty". One of yours?


Luke said...

hey Brian - yes, it's one I took the other day. I liked the way the locals have built wooden bridges over the open sewer and then used them to park their beetles!

Levi! said...

Hi mr. luke!
I admire the work you do down in
Sao Paulo! I have recently started donating to a foundation in the area & would be honored to do the same with the one you are apart of.
may I ask what site do I go to in order to
& i also wanted to know, did you learn Portuguese before going to Brasil or after you arrived?
Thanks! - levi

Luke said...

Hey Levi

Thanks for your kind words and your AMAZING offer of help. I really don't know what else to say.

Drop me a line (luke@saopaulodiary.com) and let me know where you are based (Atlanta?) and I'll let you know the best way to give.

On the language front, I came fresh from NYC and started learning the language "on the trot". It's more fun that way :)

You are brilliant.

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