Thursday, February 10, 2011

You'll never even know

Commenting on personal responsibility, Sartre once wrote that you can say anything you like, so long as you don't say I (but then again, he was also famous for saying that Hell is other people, but I digress). In my neighbourhood, it's often best not to ask why.

When poverty becomes part of the view, part of the very bricks and mortar of the cityscape, the question becomes almost an irrelevance. And if one does (as I have done), you might very well feel frustrated at the sight of a homeless man tearing open garbage bags that the street cleaner has neatly piled by the side of the road. You just might start to question whether some are deserving of help, or whether they will use that gift (tangible or otherwise) in a correct or efficient manner. A bit like looking for the response on a friend's face when they open the present you just gave them. Are they sufficiently appreciative of the time and effort you spent?

Best not to go there when that starts to happen. Best to give and never get to see the response. To loan as if you're never going to get it back (the bankers know how to do this already).


KC said...

This is very well-written. I was considering moving to São Paolo to be with a Brazilian I cared for, so I read a lot about it on blogs. You should have a "voice of the boys" posts you translate what they say, add some AdSense and donation link to this blog site, and use money brought in to benefit these youths. My blog concept is much different, but you can see what I do :
I am curious to hear what they have to say. You have the power to give them a voice. Charles

Anonymous said...

love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without expecting to get anything back. Then your reward will be great, and you will be children of the Most High, because he is kind to the ungrateful and wicked. -Luke 6:35

I will refrain from making a comment on the overly-apparent irony of the book's title.
Then again, I suppose I'm a hypocrite =)

Luke said...

Charles - you are very kind, and I like the idea of little interviews with the boys - thereby giving them a 'voice' they would not already have. I will have a think.

With regard to the AdSense idea, although good, unfortunately there are legal restrictions with regard to such things (even though the money would directly go to benefit the boys themselves).

Your bog is interesting indeed - and much more colourful than mine! (I have a penchant for monochrome)

Luke said...

Whitney - comment you did! ;)

ps I hadn't realized I was paraphrasing my namesake...

Anonymous said...

I love how that happens. I once read a poem written by a Christian artist which, the artist realizing this after he had written it, was made up entirely of scripture references and Biblical metaphors. I guess that Holy Spirit comes out even when we aren't paying attention =)

PS- I vote yes to the interviews and share the affinity for earthtones. Possibly only because I lack the creativity to creat collages like Charles. Bravo stranger.

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