Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Miserable and worried

“No, it is not fatalistic. I just try to alleviate a burden from people’s shoulders. I think we should pursue other goals, and I am not sure – contrary to what most philosophers say – I am not sure that happiness is the main goal in life. It’s a goal, of course – one of the main goals. In the name of happiness you can fall down in slavery, just to satisfy your material needs. Looking for happiness is like looking for a goal which is receding on the horizon as you try to reach it.

I think another feeling for me which is more important is joy. Because joy is the acceptance of life in its good and bad sides. And being joyful, in my opinion, is more important than being happy. People who try to be happy are very often so miserable and worried.”

Pascal Bruckner
BBC Radio 4, 2nd March 2011

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i totally agree!

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