Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Probably Flabby

“We treat children for a lot of various problems. Children with learning difficulties, dyslexia, autism, ADHT. Many will have excellent hearing, but poor listening, because the two are different. And they come every day for two hours a day. And we play them music. Either Mozart or a Gregorian chant.

We play them music through a machine called an electronic ear which retrains the ear to listen properly. Some people are left-ear dominant which means that when they are listening to someone speaking, that speech is taking longer to arrive at the speech-processing area of the brain, than if they were right-ear dominant (where it goes straight in the ear and straight across). Left-ear dominant people will have problems with sequential instructions.

Physically, we can be changing the person from left to right-ear dominance. Other children, because of emotional difficulties, like a lot of adopted children who are very happy in their new adoptive situation, but have perhaps experienced quite a lot of problems with their natural parents. These children will be very, very disturbed. And when we are emotionally disturbed what we tend to do as people is to stop listening. We cut off our listening.

But the machine itself is a miracle. It retrains the ear to listen properly and it forces the muscles of the middle ear to stretch to catch sounds and then relaxes. These muscles - which were probably flabby and unable to enable the person to listen properly - they become taut and vibrant, and they can then listen properly.”

Alex Smith, Tomatis Listening Centre
BBC Radio 4, 1st March, 2011

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