Monday, March 28, 2011

A Thousand Hits

You, valued reader, are privileged today to get an exclusive preview of my upcoming art installation A Thousand Hits in which the artist presents a huge collage comprised of tiny photographs of individually splattered mosquitoes.

When completed, the collage will take the form of a small child begging on the street while a group of inept law enforcement figures look on. You know, in the style of Marcus Harvey. A limited run of a million prints will follow (representing each bite received by the artist to date). All proceeds* will be going to mosquito-related charities.

*price on application


Anonymous said...

This so reminds me of Dad's artwork on the walls of our small 'banga' one holiday in Puglia!

Remember Punta Lunga '82? What memories! mx

Luke said...

Remember? I can never forget. There was born my life-long obsession with the beasts!

Anonymous said...

can i get one for my art collection? it would be a perfect contrast for the picasso i bought last week... :)

greetings from switzerland,

Luke said...

hey d

sure - I would say it could compliment (and be hung with confidence next to) any good example of Picasso's Blue Period.

but it should be for exhibition, not hoarding away in some vault, ok?


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