Sunday, May 22, 2011


R (10) and D (13)

Friday marked a somewhat hectic end to the working week. Renilson and I returned to the streets to get R (his brother, W, we are hoping to retrieve tomorrow). We befriended both siblings - who have been sleeping rough on the street for just over a month - earlier in the week and have been visiting them daily. The snippets of information gleaned about their difficult family context will no doubt become clearer over the next week.

D comes to us after living on the streets for four months. One of eleven brothers and sisters, none of whom remain at home.

Welcome additions to the mix!


Levi! said...
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Luke said...

Hey you! Glad you're still hanging in there, brother. Your postings have been somewhat melancholy of late (you've been in my thoughts).

Keep pressing on,

Anonymous said...

Awesome! (as we Americans say far too often) =) But truly, that is encouraging. I second Mr. Levi and pray that they'll still be around next summer when we all hope to visit =) Or better yet, back home.


Levi said...

great work! so happy that there are new additions to the house! :D
I will continue to pray for all of your safety, and nothing but a prosperous cause down in Brasil. May God guide you Mr. Luke!

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