Monday, May 9, 2011

Nosebleeds and toothaches

I hear the wail of what sounds like a demented siren. Rounding the corner of the house (from where the sound is originating), I see Frederico - the house cat - being swung round and round by his back legs.

It is reassuring to know that M is developing like a typical ten year old. As G’s younger brother, he has been on the street since he was seven. To put that last statement into context (to try to comprehend what that might actually mean), I have to imagine one of my nephews separated from the family and trying to fend for himself, alone.

Far more stubborn and playful than his older sibling and plagued by nosebleeds and paralysing toothaches, it was not easy to release the prise of the street’s fingers from around him, but released (for now) he is, and reunited with his brother with whom he has - not unsurprisingly - a somewhat perfunctory relationship.

Welcome, M!


Anonymous said...

=) Great news. And something joyful to pray continuance over! (Not so certain about the grammatical validity of that last statement, but I can blame it's shortcomings on my being an ignorant American youngin')

Luke said...

I like the wordage.

Anonymous said...

Good news! I heard from Dot about the new boys, what a blessing and at the same time probably a challenge.
How does Frederico do? I feel a little sorry for him, haha...
God bless you all!

Luke said...

Frederico is grinning (in a Lewis Carroll way) and bearing it! Lovely to hear from you, Joseline!

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