Monday, June 27, 2011


Bold, wide brushstrokes mark a confident approach to oil-on-canvas (or, more accurately, paint-on-scrap-MDF). Both in style and subject-matter he shows none of the clichéd hallmarks of your average 12 year old. No cars, no emotive depictions of the family home. No people.

His initial work comprised of violent landscapes punctuated by strong, vertical, tree-like structures.

These soon developed into scenes with clearly polarized ‘sides’. One tree, an apple tree (he says) is a good place and is diagonally mirrored by a much larger tree, inverted and sprouting huge red branches.

It’s the blood of those suffering,” he says after a long pause. “My uncle. I saw him die in a bar. He did bad things.


Anonymous said...

hey luke

how are things going in brasil?

thank you for sharing all this stories and thoughts - i still love reading almost every of your posts.

thise pictures are very interesting, one should have studied art therapy... (my dad's getting a degree in some kind of art therapy right now. sometimes it's amazing what people can express or become aware of through painting, drawing and so on !)

greetings from switzerland!

Luke said...

Hey Dominik

Thanks so much, my friend.

Yes, I like to encourage the boys to express themselves through art, since they are not otherwise very articulate when it comes to their emotions. You experienced Casa Elohim during one of its most turbulent periods, and you stuck with it. I still really value the time you spent with us, Dominik.

stay in touch!

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