Wednesday, July 20, 2011

‘It is easy to see the beginnings of things, and harder to see the ends.’ – Joan Didion

Rearranging photos. Putting them carefully into two little albums and a plastic sleeve in which I have also placed a small toy car on the underside of which I have written the words não te abandonarei, nem te desampararei.

We will return to the street tomorrow evening with a specific purpose: W, L and M. Boys who we have cared for at some point (and for varying periods) over the last year, but sadly chose not to stay. I decided to take some photos to them as both a remembrance of their time with us and also (I hope) a reminder of what life - REAL LIFE - can be like.

And as I consider W in particular - his half-smile looking back at me from the page - I wonder if he even remembers his time here. I bury my head in my hand and cry.


Anonymous said...

Olá Luke!

Achei tão doce esse seu relato..o cuidado em arrumar as fotos nos álbuns , o carinho com essas melhores lembranças e a sincera revelação de que tudo isso causava-lhe lágrimas.
Aqueles que amamos , quando vão embora , levam um pouco da nossa felicidade também. ...mas a vida real pode sim, fazer ressoar os meios sorrisos, os largos sorrisos, daqueles que deixaram o silêncio de sua ausência
Estaremos com você , hoje á noite , em pensamento !!


Anonymous said...


I know the feeling...

Did you find W this time??

God bless you!


Luke said...

Hey Dot!

We came across M (after a month searching). He was distraught. It was such good timing - I gave him the photos and he hugged me tightly saying he wanted to come 'home'. Renilson and I returned yesterday morning at 6am and we brought him back to the house.

After the time spent with M we decided to go back for W next week. From our conversations this week, we know exactly where he is staying now.

Big hugs from Brazil to Holland!

Aline Maira said...

oh, that's great you found W!

lice is not fun, I attract them. must be the sweet blood. least you can shave your head...

Luke said...

Well, we did and we didn't. He stayed for a night and ran away with D yesterday afternoon. Sad, but I ain't giving up on him.

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