Wednesday, July 27, 2011

See, three

You pick the insects off plants,
no time to think of consequences

Three young brothers (aged 5-8) joined us at the end of last week, and they add a whole new dimension to the house dynamic.

To have two sets of three brothers at the same time is rare, but what is rarer still is to see how both W Snr and W Jnr have somehow awakened and become like older siblings to these newcomers: helping them brush their teeth or make their beds (some, of course, are accustomed to doing this from their previous lives on the street). It is how I wish more of our boys would (in an ideal world!) act more instinctively.

Less me, more us.

With their teethy grins, we welcome brothers (left to right in the photo above) L, C and G. And with the addition of three, the rescue house is nearing capacity for the small team we have.


Anonymous said...

Oh...a casa deve está agitada!


Aline Maira said...

that's exciting to hear about the boys helping out.
let's hope it's contagious

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