Wednesday, August 31, 2011

3 + V = 4 brothers

It is unique in the history of the rescue house to have four siblings under our protection at one time. The local authority finally got its act together and shortly after lunch today a social worker - sharply dressed and ever so polite - arrived unceremoniously in a taxi with a present for our three older brothers: V.

Just turned 8, he is closest in age (and personality) to R, but although he is some three years younger that his nearest sibling, he is bigger than him and this only goes to highlight R’s stunted growth.

The pieces of the puzzle which make up these brothers’ complicated histories over the last year are falling into place as each furnishes a little more detail of what must seem in their eyes to be One Great Escape: running away from home one-by-one, surviving separately on the street and then (in the case of E and V) being picked-up by the police and interned in a state-run children’s home (from which E escaped and we subsequent rescued from the street). V was the only one left, but we knew where he was and finally the transfer was effected today. 

Now V is where he should be: with his brothers. One step closer to reintegration back home.

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What great news! mx

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