Saturday, December 31, 2011

Over and over, it’s over, all over

As the last few hours of the year draw to a close, the house falls strangely quiet as I await the arrival of family and friends. My mind gets distracted with what might come in the next twelve months, although 2011 is not quite over.

I am reminded of that life-saving device in São Paulo: the GPS. It is extremely good at pin-pointing a location on its digitally stored map of the city, but unless it knows your current position, it cannot guide you to your intended destination. It becomes a useless piece of plastic bleeping on your dashboard.

My current position is a very happy one, after experiencing a challenging but altogether exceptional year.

The French have a phrase – reculer pour mieux sauter – which means to step back in order to spring forward and in many ways the beginning of the year saw just that. Some of our boys were returned to their homes, and we were able to plan and pray for the year ahead. The start of the year also saw the regretful closure of the rescue house for girls and the consolidation of the adolescent boys’ house (known as the Republica) with the main rescue house (known as Casa Elohim) as a result of insufficient volunteers.

Three sets of brothers and a (sometimes rowdy) bunch of others. Shown above are just some of the boys (from 5 to 15 years old) who we have had the privilege of helping this year.

The stories we tell cannot always be happy ones. Between April and October, seven different boys who had stayed with us for varying amounts of time (some, months - others, days) ran away. One particular sadness came with the young man known simply as “W” - who you may remember from here - who returned to us for the third time, only to run away back to the street, for the third time. Sometimes, it tears at the heart.

But onwards we press and into the new year we go. Thank you for your continued reading - I wish you every blessing for the coming year.
Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Luke. Thanks you for your year of blogs, they are always wonderfull even when sometimes sad. I wish you and your team all the very best for 2012. Craig

Luke said...

Thanks for your continued encouragement, Craig. Have an outstanding 2012!

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