Sunday, December 11, 2011

Reviews of the Year

I guess it’s around this time when the media start posting their lists of the “Top” moments of the year. The Top Films of 2011, The Top 10 Illegally Downloaded Songs, The Top 5 Countries That Needed a Bailout - that sort of thing.

Well, no such review here, although the year has been heavy on highlights, to mix a metaphor. What a year 2011 has been! (More on this between Christmas and New Year, if I can order my jumbled head between now and then).

I shared some photos last night at the little Christmas Party we put on at the rescue house for the boys. To a captivated audience and to the strains of what I might call the best electro beats (but what the boys universally call my putz, putz, putz music), I projected onto the wall my own Review of 2011. I posted a few months back about how if the eyes never see light, you will be blind. Looking at the images again - all together in one place - was liking seeing again for the very first time. I didn’t mean it to be overtly sentimental (hence the electro) or even necessarily thought-provoking (for Christmas isn’t a time for melancholy) but this review served to refresh my pathetic memory and awaken me to the amazing stories of these boys. Stories in which I have had the privilege to participate, if only for just one chapter.


Aline Maira said...

so cool!
you take great pictures of the boys.
safe travels..

Luke said...

Glad you enjoy them, Aline!
The boys are always fun to take photos of. It makes it easier for the photographer when the subjects enjoy having their picture taken... :)
Have a GREAT Christmas!

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