Saturday, March 24, 2012

Rat kill

My furry friends have been most disruptive of late. A frenzy of activity since some broken tiles were replaced (them and I rather unromantically share the same roof), followed by exaggerated squeaks that go back and forth above my head as I lie awake at night. Full blown conversations

Living in the rescue house is testing enough, but when the day is done and the boys finally go to sleep downstairs, I don’t expect new disturbances upstairs. I guess it makes a change from the clumsy lumbering noises I heard a few months back (in hindsight, was that the mum before giving birth? The mind does wander).

And now there is strange smell (it’s been warm of late) and a reddy-brown stain has appeared down the wall by my bed. I dread to think what they dragged up there, but I think it’s seepage from some sort of predatory kill.


Anonymous said...

I have reasons to believe that you are sharing your room not with rats, but with gambas ( dont know the name in english), good news they eat snakes and spiders, bad news they also like to eat eggs and to move a lot at night...I had an unpleasant chance to share my roof with some of them in a country house not long ago , and yes, they are noise as can be. F.

Luke said... basically it's either a delicious shrimp dish or an oversized smelly rat-thing (sorry, Google Images again...)

Anonymous said...

Funny you, it is an oversized smelly marsupial-looking like rat-thing and, in having a chance they can eat all eggs and chicks from your galinheiro. Any news from the new old boy m., when looking to his face I see some signs of FA syndrome in he, if so, he needs special attention and more grace from above in dealing with. Have a good day, F.

Luke said...

M is doing well. I agree regarding your observation. He certainly has specific needs, although I can't tell whether it's a result of years of drug abuse on the street or genetic. Either way, let's think and pray together for him.

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