Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ah, the din

I look down at my hands and at the bite marks left from a confrontation with E earlier in the week.

After three years, living within the walls of the rescue house has begun to take its toll and each passing week seems to prove more difficult than its predecessor. When I am not working, to suppress the near-constant din of ten boundless boys I find myself pressing plugs so hard into my ears it hurts. Sometimes I find myself using sleep as an escape, bedding-down with a book around 7.30pm (flashbacks to angst-ridden exam times).

At times like this I am indebted to the kindness of friends who extend a dinner invitation or - what luxury - the recent opportunity to stay in a spare room in order to preserve my sanity. An undeserved escape, but a welcome one. Thank you!


Katherine said...

um .... undeserved you say? I beg to differ. "he who refreshes will himself be refreshed". you give and give to these boys. The Lord knows your love tank gets empty and needs refilling. So I thank God for all the loving people around you who are sensitive to the Spirit and who invite you for dinner and occasionally give you a spare room so you can rest. It is not undeserved. It is a necessity. Think "chicken soup for the soul".
Take Care. K

Anonymous said...

I agree with Katherine. And if you can take a small break/holiday from the house you’d be back “restored”.
Be strong Luke!
Sergiy from London

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