Saturday, April 14, 2012

Children without a childhood

A young teen - already mentally scarred by a mother’s drinking while he was still in utero - is tied to a chair and told repeatedly by his grandmother “NO ONE LOVES YOU.”

Belt marks on a younger brother’s legs.

Marks on a five year old’s back left by a metal bar wielded by his mum.

Strange burns on a ten year old’s shoulder.

A sister who runs off with her stepfather and is now pregnant by him.

The shame of wetting the bed (night after night) as a teenager.

These are some of the stories of our dear boys and their families. Stories sometimes only partly told (and, often, never). Stories that are difficult to listen to, and more difficult to respond to.

How to discern. How to lead. How to love.

So many questions, I’m fed up with using question marks.


Ania said...

Yes, it is hard to listen to stories like that, to see the wounds (emotional and physical), to respond...there are no words really to describe the sadness...but you KNOW God's heart for these children, you KNOW how HE LOVES them and you KNOW that HE CAN DO EVERYTHING! that He can HEAL even the deepest wounds...that he can change even the most corrupted way of thinking or behaviour..So TAKE HEART and put all these worries on HIM! These boys already have so much because You show them The Father's Love. They see and feel that love. I am sure.

Katherine said...

yeah I can only imagine how fed up you are sometimes of question marks. But I remain convinced you are where God wants you to be. Look to Him. Never lose sight of Him.
Also get "Casting Crowns" songs "Who am I" and "Voice of Truth". You and your boys will appreciate the message. Never lose heart.

Luke said...

Thank you, both.

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything Ania has just said. I also completely whole heartedly believe that these boys are not fatherless, physical form nor spiritually. For them you are safe,gentle,caring and loving and that is enough for them. You are their father and through you these boys will see exactly how God loves.

So many questions...ONE answer :) H from Surrey

Luke said...

You are very kind. Thank you, H

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