Saturday, July 14, 2012

Oh, Bob

Letting the older boys choose their own kites was a responsibility that I thought they might be able to handle without heavy-handed supervision. I was wrong. They returned, sheepishly clutching various designs of Bob Marley (smoking an oversized joint, accessorised with a decorative motive of marijuana leaves), together with an evil clown print (the tattoo equivalent of which is favoured by the less discerning gang members in these parts).

With self-righteous zeal, J commented to me afterwards “They had Bob Marley on their kites. Do you know who he is?”. He paused and looked up at me for a response before solemnly answering his own question. “He created marijuana.”


Anonymous said...

We laughed out loud! m/d

Camilanini said...

Funny and sad at the same time!

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