Thursday, July 26, 2012

Settling for scraps

There’s a chick among the recent hatchlings that stands out. Not for its particular beauty or tenacious survival in the somewhat hostile environment of the chicken run, but for the fact that it lives a solitary life away from its mum and siblings.

Although spoilt for food, while the others are fighting over the fresh corn or rice on the ground below, this rather sad-looking chick chooses to remain on the mankiest perch, where all the other chickens defecate. And there, as if cheerfully oblivious of the cornucopia (pardon the pun) below, he gladly pecks away at the mites that feast on the detritus. 

M ran away (again) at the end of last week, and it would appear that my short history here is already repeating itself (he did exactly the same thing at the same time last year, after the same period of time with us). M reminds me of W in many respects: both marked by physical and/or psychological trauma, both have mental ages far less than their actual ones, both have lived on the street for so many years that memories of home (if any) are only painful ones and both (now) are back on the street.

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