Sunday, August 12, 2012

‘A camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.’ ~ Dorothea Lange

To paraphrase Smokey Robinson, if you take a good look at my more recent photographic postings, you’ll see that they might appear somewhat out of place.

Please forgive me if the eyes of a portrait seem obscured or a child’s face is artistically blurred. It is not because I have embraced the avant-garde or utilised some hideous Instagram filter, it is because the law here now requires it, and although I believe I have always complied with the spirit of the law, now I am told that I must comply with its letter. And rightly, albeit reluctantly, I concede.

To those who know me, my reluctant submission to such a requirement should come as no great surprise, as I consider photography to be an important part of my work and - not wanting to sound bombastic - my ministry, such that it is.

So, the blog will change in appearance a little, but I prefer this to the somewhat draconian approach of the private (ie invitation-only) blog, because this isn’t some sort of Gentleman’s Club and this work - and these boys’ life stories - should be open to all who stumble upon them.

confined to the noticeboard


Aline Maira said...

recently I did a project for school on a boy's home here in Santiago. it was tough and frustrating but it helped me branch out creatively. maybe it will for you too!

Luke said...

this is true!

A. said...

it's funny how the world changes...and at the same time it doesn' just goes round and round and round...things from the past come back again in a's "abiding the letter of law" or political correctness reminds me more and more of the censorship in a communist state

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