Friday, September 21, 2012

Strange Brew

A chill wind blows this morning, bringing with it the first rain of a new season after a punishingly hot and dry month. Summer is not meant to be here for another four months

Cracks had started to appear in the ground as if the very soil itself was gasping for water. Long stretches of shrubland lay scorched by cigarette butts thrown from car windows. 

I look south from my new vantage point on the 9th floor, way down to the southern zone of the sprawling city as the smog and the filth - a putrid brown layer spreading over the horizon like Nutella - is pushed further and further away and now the only cracks are those which divide the grey-panelled skies above: the sun straining to make its comeback. The pool at the rescue house went from crystal blue to toxic black in the space of an hour as a month's worth of diesel fumes and other detritus in the atmosphere were strained from the clouds.

No swimming today in that strange brew.

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