Friday, December 7, 2012

What time is it, J?

conceivably one of them could be noon, but certainly not all

Technically, school ends on December 21, but of course the teachers have already started to tell the children simply not to bother coming in. I found it hard not to contain my anger when V told me his teacher had the audacity to tell the students in class they were to have a four page test the following day, but if they didn’t want to take it, they didn’t have to come in. 

How to nurture respect for authority when our children are faced with such nonsense? What horrors are shared in the privacy of the classroom but not aired to the parents outside of it? And does anyone really care if (as is usually the case) most parents are as ignorant of such matters as their kin?
In a comic twist, J actually passed the year, whatever that means. In reality, it means that he is twelve years old, cannot read the time on an analogue clock, is functionally illiterate and the teachers can’t face the challenge of another year with him.

Ignorance, it seems, is the new poverty.

“Even if peace were declared tomorrow, how could this army of youth rebuild the nation, if they cannot read or write?”
Afghanistan: What does ‘school’ mean? 
UNICEF, April 1990


Anonymous said...

lucky them,they get to miss school!

looking forward to seeing you Uncle luke.
from Lorenzo.

Luke said...

haha! not so lucky really.

school is GOOD for you, dear Lorenzo!

it may not seem cool now, but you will be very thankful for the education you've received...

Luke said...

...and I am VERY excited about seeing you in 8 days!!!

Anonymous said...

Luke - This touched my heart today! Thanks for sharing some of the struggles and the reality of school for these boys. It helps me keep things in perspective....and helps remind me to pray for them and you! Nancy V.

Luke said...

Hey Nancy

These boys could do with your expertise!!

Thank you for your prayers, my dear friend.

hugs from Brazil,

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