Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Failed Launch

One of the chickens died yesterday. She was evidently unwell, but I didn't have the nerve to finish her off with the end of a spade, so I chose instead to spend the afternoon oscillating between leaving her alone (wishing that she would somehow pull through) and wanting her to have as swift an end as possible (after convincing myself that it would be painless). She eventually died of natural causes at the end of the afternoon.

Shovelling her onto the end of a garden fork, I opened the back gate which divides the rescue house with the marshland beyond, and there, at the perimeter fence - after testing my swing a few times - I launched her into the air (her final flight, as it were).

Mercifully, she successfully cleared the high fence at the back of the rescue house, but then I watched in horror as she got lodged in the branches of a high tree.


Anonymous said...

Ever considered a course on animal husbandry?!

I suppose I should have gulped at the plight of the poor bird but instead I laughed was probably the highest it had ever perched!


Anonymous said...

A pollo 13 ?... with your help any chicken can fly higher than before... outtake from "Chicken Run 2 - Last Flight"...

Can't wait for the video.

Anonymous said...

hahaha... brilliant post! i'd better include the chickens in my prayers for abba, they seem to need it. (it must have been traumatic for them to see their passed away friend hanging in branches of a tree!)


Anonymous said...

Failed Lunch?

Luke said...


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