Tuesday, April 16, 2013


As some of you may know, I am taking some time out from the rescue house. It’s enforced of course - there’s been much talk of burn out and the like. Goodness knows I’ve tried, but I haven’t managed it yet. Who was it that said that “you’ve got to burn to shine”?

Anyway, it seems like an eminently sensible idea, and it has freed me to  visit some of the other projects in the city that I have longed - but have simply not had the time - to visit. 

A good friend (in a similar line of work) recently said to me that some time out from this particular type of ministry is essential because of the misery we see every day: desperately needy children from disintegrating and fractured families wrapped in a blanket of violence and general depravity. 

The time away from the house will also enable me to finalise the paperwork for my long-term visa. 

Hope springs.

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