Thursday, November 14, 2013

Tolerate me

I have written before about my many (and varied) cultural faux pas.

Being indignant about something which barely ruffles a native’s feather is - I guess - in the same vein as making a big effort about something of which no one notices. Do you have any idea how much thought went into that?

Glancing across the road at the flower shop makes me wonder: will good presentation (instead of using the back of an old door balanced on a shopping trolley) increase sales? I don’t know. And does anyone really care?

Perhaps this is a culture which has more tolerance and/or grace for others. A society that doesn’t get hot under the collar about things that are just not important. If you don’t like my presentation, someone else will come who doesn’t fuss about such things.

Deal with it.

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Andrina said...

May be this the Brazilian take on 'shabby chic', which is so popular here in the uk. I like the old door...perhaps without the shopping trolley.

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